The pianist Marco Arcieri, an acclaimed interpreter of the music of Frederick Chopin, is unique in his almost exclusive focus on the works of the great romantic composer.

Marco studies each new work of Chopin on his 1889 built Pleyel pianoforte – an instrument identical to the one on which Chopin himself composed and played. He feels

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that this allows him to understand Chopin’s own approach to his music. Chopin described his Pleyel instrument as his “second self,” and believed that when he played it he virtually became one with the instrument – a feeling that Marco has as well when playing Chopin.

He has spent a lifetime studying Chopin’s music as well as his letters, original scores, and much of the Chopin literature. He has so immersed himself into Chopin’s thought, personality and character that he feels, when playing Chopin’s music, that he is “coming home” – that Chopin has become an essential part of his existence.

His unique personality and distinctive playing are bringing him increasing recognition as a major artist.

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